new_i10_2017_s_polar_white (2)SPFL Trust Superdraw
powered by Phoenix Hyundai
Betfred Cup Final, Celtic v Motherwell, Sunday 26 November 

The SPFL Trust Superdraw offers one supporter the opportunity to win a brand new Hyundai i10 at the Betfred Cup Final on 26 November 2017.

Tickets will be available around the ground, priced at £2.

At half-time one ticket will be drawn to win the car, generously gifted by Phoenix Hyundai.

Proceeds from SPFL Trust Superdraw will be used to support community activity across the country.

This page includes full details of the SPFL Trust Superdraw Rules, the SPFL Trust’s Complaints Procedure, and the SPFL Trust’s Social Responsibility Policy in relation to gambling.

SPFL Trust Superdraw Rules

  1. All players must be 16 or over and no person under the age of 16 shall be eligible to win a prize.
  2. The lottery is not open to employees of the promoter who are directly involved in the running of the lottery.
  3. A maximum of twenty (20) tickets will be sold to one individual.
  4. Prices of tickets for the lottery are printed on the tickets and shall be the same. Only fully paid tickets shall be entered into a lottery draw. Amounts paid for tickets are non-refundable.
  5. All tickets have an equal chance of winning. The winner shall be selected by random draw on the date printed on the tickets. This shall normally be during the half time interval of the match at which tickets are sold. The promoter reserves the right to reschedule the draw where it is not practicable to hold it on the day of the match or where the match is abandoned. Any rescheduled draw shall take place on the rescheduled match day or, if earlier, within 14 days of the original scheduled date at the promoter’s offices at Hampden Park, Glasgow.
  6. The most valuable prize in the lottery shall be as featured on the ticket and other prizes available shall be as advertised by the promoter from time to time. Where a non-cash prize, such as a car, is offered no cash alternative is available. The promoter reserves the right to make variations to the specific prize offered provided that the value of the winning prize shall be substantially as advertised.
  7. The value of the top prize in any lottery shall be subject to limits under the Gambling Act 2005 and shall not exceed 10% of the total proceeds of the lottery or £25,000, if higher.
  8. Prizewinners shall be required to surrender the winning ticket to claim a prize in the draw. No other proof of purchase will be accepted. Claims for prizes must be made within 3 months of the draw. After this time, unclaimed prizes shall be used in the promoter’s charitable purposes (in the case of cash prizes) or may be disposed of as the promoter thinks fit (in the case of non-cash prizes).
  9. The promoter will not accept responsibility for tickets which are lost, damaged, illegible or from which the prize-winner cannot be identified, or for any delay in running the lottery draw.
  10. Any dispute or complaint arising as a result of the lottery should be submitted in writing to the promoter within 6 months of the draw. A copy of the complaints procedure is available at www.spfltrust.org.uk
  11. All proceeds after prizes and expenses shall be used by SPFL Trust for the purposes of supporting Scotland’s communities through SPFL Trust activities.
  12. The promoter’s address is: The Scottish Professional Football League Trust, Hampden Park, Glasgow, G42 9DE.
  13. These rules and conditions are binding on the participant of a lottery on receipt of payment for such lottery.
  14. The promoter will use the services of Lindsays to act as an impartial mediator on disputes with customers after they have been through the operator’s own internal dispute procedures and if a deadlock exists.

Gambling Commission Operating Licence: 000-049950-M-327178_001

Visit www.gamblingcommission.gov.uk or www.gamcare.org.uk for more information.


Complaints Procedure

The SPFL Trust are committed to dealing with any complaints swiftly and professionally. To do this, a four stage process has been implemented:

  • Stage 1—Receipt and Acknowledgement: We will normally aim to acknowledge complaints within two working days
  • Stage 2—Investigation and Escalation: The complaint will be investigated.  If the complaint is not summarily resolved, it will be escalated to the Chief Executive within five working days
  • Stage 3—Determination: The Chief Executive will investigate and respond to the complainer advising of the outcome of the complaint and the SPFL Trust’s decision
  • Stage 4—Alternative Dispute Resolution: If the resolution of the complaint is not satisfactory at Stage 3 the complainer can require that the SPFL Trusts enters into mediation with Lindsays (www.lindsays.co.uk).  This is subject to the complainer’s willingness to mediate but is provided at no cost for the complainer.  The mediator will report on the outcome of the dispute to the Gambling Commission and the SPFL Trust will abide by any direction of the mediator

Social Responsibility Policy

The SPFL Trust is committed to ensuring it conducts its gambling activities in a manner consistent with the Gambling Commission’s licensing objectives which ensure that gambling:

  • is not a source of crime or disorder, is not associated with crime or disorder and is not used to support crime;
  • is conducted in a fair and open way; and
  • protects children and vulnerable individuals from being harmed or exploited by gambling.

Managing the risk of internal and external crime

  • Tickets will only be sold at football stadia to persons attending football matches organised by the SPFL Trust in Scotland after admission to the stadium.
  • Tickets will only be sold to persons where the vendor is satisfied the purchaser is over 16.
  • The number of lottery tickets which can be purchased will be limited to [20] per person.
  • Where winning sums are to be transferred to a player’s bank account, the sums will only be released when the player’s bank account has been verified by anti-money laundering procedures.
  • The lottery draw will be attended by a witness and documented and will normally take place in public.
  • The lottery shall not be open to SPFL Trust employees, employees of the SPFL or any persons involved in the sale of tickets or operation of the lottery.
  • Lottery proceeds will be collected in cash and ingathered securely at the stadium, accounted for and banked directly into the SPFL Trust bank account on the next business day.
  • Any suspicious activity will be reported to the Gambling Commission and the Police pursuant to the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

Gambling is conducted in a fair and open way

  • The SPFL shall operate lotteries subject to terms and conditions upon which legal advice has been obtained to ensure they comply with applicable gambling and consumer protection laws. The terms and conditions will be published and made freely available to players on the SPFL Trust website and on request to any player.
  • Players will be advised of any changes which are made to the lottery terms and conditions and the Gambling Commission will be advised of these in advance.
  • Accurate details of the prizes available to be win in lotteries shall be prominently published and communicated to purchasers of tickets.
  • Prizes available for each draw will be prominently advertised.
  • The SPFL Trust shall operate a complaints procedure to deal fairly and promptly with any complaints. As part of this process ADR services shall be made available via an approved Gambling Commission ADR provider, currently Lindsays.

Protecting children and other vulnerable persons

  • Participation in lotteries by any person under 16 shall be prohibited and any person under 16 who enters shall not, pursuant to the Terms and Conditions, be entitled to win a prize.
  • The SPFL Trust shall train all persons selling tickets for lotteries in the ‘Think 25’ policy and to ensure no tickets are sold to persons who are, or appear to be, under 16 who are unable to provide independent proof of age. Test purchasing shall be used to test the effectiveness of this training.
  • The SPFL Trust will adhere to the UK Advertising Codes issued by the Committees of Advertising Practice and administered by the Advertising Standards Authority and ensure that no lotteries or gambling activity is promoted in a way that is socially irresponsible, suggests any linkage with attractiveness or sex appeal, is a solution to financial difficulties or debts, associated with youth culture or fashionable, or otherwise in a way which could lead to financial, social or emotional harm.
  • The SPFL Trust recognises that while the majority of people gamble within their means, there is a risk for certain individuals that gambling can become a problem. The SPFL Trust shall publish information on its website for the benefit of those who buy tickets for its lotteries setting out the following key messages:
    • Gambling is a leisure activity to be undertaken for fun and not to earn or raise money.
    • Chasing losses is harmful.
    • Gamble only sums you can afford to lose.
    • Information and contact details for the support groups GambleAware and GamCare shall be provided as well as a link to the relevant sections of the Gambling Commission website setting out sources of help for problem gambling.
  • SPFL Trust shall allow customers to enter into self-exclusion agreements pursuant to which they shall not be sold tickets for a period of 6 months and no more than 12 months. As part of the self-exclusion agreement the person shall be required to agree that he or she shall not be entitled to win a prize in the lottery.
  • All SPFL Trust employees involved in the organising of the lottery and persons selling tickets will receive induction training regarding gambling addiction and how to identify vulnerable or at risk players as well as refresher training once per year.
  • The SPFL Trust will donate sums on an annual basis to GambleAware which raises funds to support research, education and treatment of problem gambling.

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