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At the SPFL Trust we believe change can be Football Powered - and that we can do even  more in the future.

SPFL grounds are shining lights in communities, charged with an energy that goes way beyond the ball, glorious goals, memorable wins and history-defining trophies.

Our vision is that  sport, in particular the unique power of football, plays an important role in helping people to live happier, healthier, longer lives in Scotland.

Our mission is to enable our network of community trusts and their associated professional football clubs (ATCs) to create places where people can thrive.

So, what do you need to know?

In Scotland, one in five people live in poverty
For children, it’s one in four and is predicted to reach 29% by 2024
Without action Scottish Government predicts poverty levels will rise to 38% by 2030-31
Men (26 years) and women (22 years) in poverty have a shorter healthy life expectancy
Unemployment increases the risk of premature death by 63% (after considering factors like smoking & obesity)
SCQF Level 5 attainment gap between the most and least deprived areas was almost 21% and 36% at Level 6 (19-20)
Suicide rates are three times higher in the most deprived communities

If you live within ten miles of an SPFL stadium, you’re three times more likely to experience poverty

Meet Jane

This is Jane. She couldn't care less about football, and had never stepped foot in her local SPFL ground.

However, when she learnt about Football Fans in Training, she decided to give it a go because other weight loss programmes hadn’t worked for her.

Jane hasn’t looked back since, making new friends and becoming fitter, healthier, and happier!


Meet Steve

Steve is a big football supporter. He’s got a season ticket, buys the new shirt, and even has a day out in hospitality from time to time!

He just loves the fitba.

But Steve has experienced poor mental health recently.

Taking part in The Changing Room at ‘his’ club has helped him build new skills to cope better, as well as finding new friendships.


Our SPFL Trust Strategy 2022-25

Our new strategy is about reducing the impact of poverty, enabling our network to create places where people can thrive.

But we’ve got much to learn, and so we’ll use the next three years to understand how best Scottish football can make a difference.

Six things we're going to do
focusing on our two strategic priorities

Health & wellbeing

Employment & attainment

Improving lives

Learn more about the impact of poverty

Identify ways we can help reduce its impact

Create, test and evaluate new activities

Place making

Design a new learning & development programme

Strengthen and build new, strategic partnerships

Show that associated community trusts and SPFL clubs can be agents for social change

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