Projects Joy of Moving

Get your move on!

The SPFL Trust has partnered with Ferrero UK to launch the Joy of Moving Move & Learn project, a national school-based educational programme for children aged between 9-10.

The project aims to inspire children to get physically active and enjoy movement by teaching them a variety of non-competitive games. During the six weeks in schools, children learn about the importance of physical activity, the Eatwell Guide, meal planning and hydration, all through fun games inspired by the Joy of Moving methodology. The programme is delivered by local community trusts connected to leading national football clubs across the UK and Ireland.

The programme content is developed by independent nutritional, educational and sporting experts in line with the recommendations in the Government’s Eatwell Guide and the National Curriculum.

The SPFL Trust works with Celtic, Heart of Midlothian and Rangers to deliver the programme across at least 60 schools, reaching 3,600 children with 32,400 hours of activity and education.

This is part of the project’s national target to move over 21,000 children and deliver over 190,000 hours of activity and education across the UK and Ireland.

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