ICT have tackled heart health using practical methods, ensuring each and every child who participates in the programme becomes more aware of how their heart works and factors that can have an influence on its performance.  Targeting 30 rural schools across the Highlands, coaches have delivered 4 week block at each school focusing on the heart health of participants. They use heart rate monitors, information talks, use of props to demonstrate the effect of smoking and comparisons between schools’ overall heart health data. Continuation activities have been put in place in the Fort William and Thurso area to cater for the children beyond the project.

The community coaches travelled a total of 4774 miles around the Highlands which involved numerous overnight stays and early rises to reach the schools by 9.00am as well as many ferry journeys to reach the most remote locations.

inverness map

Feedback given from teachers and parents was extremely positive;

“The lessons were enthusiastically led by knowledgeable helpful staff.  The pupils enjoyed a range of tasks; the personal heart rate monitors were an excellent resource. All tasks were well organised and the pupil homework activity diaries were well used resources.”

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