Clyde FC supported and developed the delivery of “Future Makers” – a Clyde FC school based initiative that provided sessional and professional football coaching as an alternative to regular physical education activities with themed talks on healthy living and the negative factors involved in unhealthy lifestyles/substances of misuse.  Providing free access to football matches for school groups with on the park activities at half time.

The project actively engaged and developed the qualities of all individuals through the participation of football and highlighting the positives associated with the sport.  The programme was committed to the development and up-skilling of their volunteers through their ‘volunteer training programme’ which primarily focused on building upon the skills necessary in working with school age children as well as presentation and communication skills.

All of these activities were accessed by all, ignoring gender, race and disability, without question or discrimination, entire class groups were involved without exclusion.

Club representatives were involved in additional school activities such as Science Week, the presentation of league trophy and medals on conclusion of the school football season, staff v pupils’ end of season challenge matches, and participation in a School Fayre, where an activity was provided to engage the club with parents and children.

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