Kathleen McLoughlin

Kathleen McLoughlin is from a public sector background operating at a national and local level, during which time her main focus has been on supporting local authorities and public sector organisations on their improvement journey.

Outside of the trust, Kathleen runs her own business which specialises in business improvement, working closely with her family who own a growing Stonemason and Construction business.

Kathleen is proud to be a trustee, a highlight of her time with the SPFL Trust was joining the staff on the Edinburgh Kiltwalk, two years running to raise funds for Festive Friends.

Kathleen has been an SPFL trust board member since 2015.

05/02/20 - Hampden Stadium - Glasgow
SPFL Trust Staff
Kathleen McLoughlin
Photo credit should read: © Craig WatsonCraig Watson,craigwatsonpix@icloud.com
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