Welcome to the SPFL Trust Golf Day 2019

23/05/18 - The Carrick Golf Course were speaking at the SPFL Trust Annual Golf Day at the Carrick, All Proceeds raised will be used towards mental health first aid training in Scottish Football in Partnership with the Chris Mitchell Foundation for more info visit www.spfltrust.org.uk Photo credit should read: © Craig Watson Craig Watson, craigwatsonpix@icloud.com 07479748060 www.craigwatson.co.uk

Great golf for a great cause.

The SPFL Trust’s Golf Day 2019 takes place on Wednesday 29 May 2018 at The Carrick, by Loch Lomond.

Enjoy a brilliant day out at one of the best courses in Scotland.

Throw in some big name Scottish football stars of the past and present, and a whole host of food and fun and this will – once again – be a golf day to remember.

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