Projects Festive Friends

For some it’s the most wonderful time of the year. For others, it is the opposite, with few friends or family, loneliness bears down and Christmas can feel a dark time.  And so Festive Friends, in many ways a simple concept, was born out of an opportunity to create something special for those suffering the effects of isolation at a time of year when they need it most.

A tasty Christmas lunch, at the local football club, the means to get there, but more importantly the companionship and support often so desperately needed for elderly, vulnerable people. The reality is when you don’t eat well, and spend far too much time on your own you risk your physical and mental health.  When the idea was taken to clubs, the response was universally positive, with over half able to facilitate a special experience for the elderly in their communities.



Identify – Clubs identify vulnerable or isolated groups, through existing programmes or partnerships.

Accessibility – Transport is organised for participants to attend and return home from the event.

Lunch – A full Christmas lunch is served for everyone.

Fun – Fun, games and gifts are put on for all guests.

Listen – Staff take the time to listen to guests and talk with them.

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