Elgin City used the funding to develop their current and new volunteers through education and training courses run by the Scottish FA and other established football organisations.  Volunteers were provided with the relevant materials needed to allow them to carry out work for the community football scheme.   This in turn, allowed the club to introduce new programmes as well as develop and expand on existing community activities.

The League Cup Grant enabled the sporting organisation to continue to reach out to the community and further afield. The good work that has been done in the time period of the grant has encouraged more people to get involved in sport and physical exercise as well as promote health and well-being. The grant has given many people not only the opportunity to participate in sport but also the positive impact of connecting members to a large establishment of a Professional Football Club with the sense of belonging and value.

Recruiting volunteers has been the most successful part of the project as this has enabled the club to provide more sporting opportunities to people. The club found that by providing the volunteers with the correct tools and support, they were able to successfully recruit further volunteers and develop existing volunteer roles.  This has paved way to giving an improved service that has encouraged more people to participate in the sport and physical activity the club provide.

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