The latest Cowdenbeath Football Fans in Training (FFIT) team successfully completed the programme together losing a combined weight of 51Kg (the equivalent of a fully grown orang-utan)!  All of the participants successfully reduced their Body Mass Index (B.M.I) and together managed to reduce their cumulative waistline by 87.5cms (34.5 inches).

In addition to this, the club initiated after school football sessions at various local primary schools with the hope that the same will be rolled out to other schools in the near future.  As a pathway from the after schools clubs, the club ran an evening football skills session during term times at a local community facility.

The club has put 6 of its modern apprentices through the first stages of coaching qualifications each of whom assisted with the delivery of the schools programme.

The Club is progressing an application to become a Foundation with charitable status.

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