Annan Athletic Football Club and the SPFL Trust – with the agreement of the Scottish Prison Service – implemented a physical activity and educational project for the short term offenders within HMP Dumfries.  This resulted in a ‘Pilot’ programme that was delivered from March through to September 2014.  The first aim in using the sport of football as a vehicle to deliver saw a weekly 2 hour session combining some class work together with the more enjoyable football coaching and games on the field over a period of 26 weeks.

All participants underwent basic physical training together with an educational coaching programme to highlight the many transferable skills associated in the coaching and playing football.  They engaged in the UK widely recognised SCQF Sports Leaders Level 4 award and the Scottish Football Association’s Early Touches Level 1.1 course.  Both courses provided the candidates with a wide range of skills and knowledge on how to Plan, Organise and Deliver basic football coaching sessions with a great emphasis on communication and leadership.

Below is a letter from a participant describing how he benefited from the course;

Annan inmate note


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