Albion Rovers ran a 10 week ‘Football and Citizenship Course’ in Barlinnie Prison which involved two hours of football and fitness session followed by a classroom based workshop covering a range of issues from sporting behaviour, teamwork, planning and preparation, anti-sectarianism, citizenship and exploring the standard of behaviour expected by football clubs.

The club also ran a ten week programme which ran over 10 nights with music at its core.  This programme was aimed at encouraging young adults, between the ages of 14 – 18, to play and write their own music as well as receive the opportunity to perform before a match at the home ground.  Participants will also be given the fantastic task of producing a new “Club Anthem.“

In addition to running these two programmes, a new Community Liaison Officer was appointed for a 20 week period to oversee the set up and execution of the projects and their evaluation.

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