Between February and June 2014, Aberdeen Community Trust used their funding to provide engaging sessions to 15 Aberdeen City Primary Schools, and 13 Aberdeenshire Primary Schools to help motivate and educate young children about the benefits of healthy eating and physical activity. The school pupils were made aware of the various food groups as well as the importance of eating a varied diet in order to maintain a healthy heart.  The second part of each session involved a practical football coaching lesson where they looked at energy levels and links to quality and quantity of food required to perform well when doing sports.

Over 300 pupils from the City and over 300 from Aberdeenshire were engaged in the programme. The programme facilitated interactive learning sessions using the food plates, asked the pupils to do some homework prior to coming to the stadium where they completed their own food diary and compared theirs to an Aberdeen FC first team players food diary. This was offered in addition to football coaching at Aberdeen Sports Village.

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