At Kilmarnock Football Club we engage with the community to make them feel part of the club. We run programmes for kids as young as 3 right up to pensioners 65 and over. We try to make the Kilmarnock Community proud of their club on and off the park.

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Football Fans In Training

Project specifically aimed at our older citizens which promotes health and well-being. Sessions include light physical activity, healthy eating, personal safety and mental health awareness.

May – August 2014, Wednesdays 6pm-8pm

Match Fit

Project aimed at educating this age group about the dangers of drink/drugs/violence/health & well being. Using Football and Kilmarnock Football Club as the tool to do so.

April- December 2014

Boys/Girls, aged 12-14

Activity Agreements/East-Ayrshire Council

Project aimed at giving this age group work experience that can help them deal with the problems they may face at work.

Maintenance/Cleaning/Administration/Painting/Fitness centre/Football Coaching

Febuary – October 2014

Boys/Girls aged 16-18

Contact Details

Paul Digiacomo

Community Manager

07525 100606

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