At Brechin City FC we are committed to supporting our wider community far beyond the 90 minutes on match day. We believe football can be used as a force for good that has numerous social benefits – including reinforcing collective identities, improving self-esteem, inspiring young and old, promoting wellbeing and healthy living and contributing to social inclusion. Football is a powerful tool for engagement and we at Brechin City FC believe we have a duty to give something back to our community and deliver real social change.


We were delighted to get involved with the Football Fans in Training programme this season. The participants have been pleasantly surprised by the light hearted way the course is run with comments coming from them, such as

‘I never dreamt I could come along to Glebe Park and lose weight’ and

‘To think I can come here and sit down and have a relaxed conversation about my health without having to go to the Doctor or the gym is something I didn’t think I would be doing in Brechin. It’s just great to be able to focus on my health amongst likeminded guys.’

Feedback such as this makes it all worthwhile for the coaches and the Club. We would encourage anyone in the Brechin & District catchment area to get in touch if they want to find out a bit more about the course as we intend to continue with the programme throughout the season.

Contact Details

Anton Gerlings

01356 622856

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