Gone are the days when Annan Athletic was only active on match days and the club have shown their responsibility to their local community over the years. We seek to demonstrate the value of Annan Athletic delivering benefit not only to their football fans and supporters but also to the wider community. It is widely recognised that local clubs are, in many cases, the symbol of their communities and generate a real sense of pride, achievement and solidarity.


Still Game

Project specifically aimed at our older citizens which promotes health and well-being. Sessions include light physical activity, healthy eating, personal safety and mental health awareness.

Sept 16th – Nov 17th 2014, Tuesdays 7.30pm-9.30pm

More Choices, More Chances

Project designed to give participants the opportunity to engage in a structured programme to improve their interaction with others, develop a sense of respect for others, work towards a recognised qualification and the ultimate goal to give tools to make better choices outwith prison.

Thursday 2-4pm

Community Football programme

To give the opportunity to youth (both male and female) to engage in sporting activities through football to improve their wellbeing, fitness and social interaction skills.

Monday to Thursday (depending on age group) each week. August 14 until May 15.

Citizens Advice And Samaritans partnership

The programme entails community engagement at Galabank. This may be supporters, our senior citizens, youth teams, senior players, etc. Advice and counselling on a range of issues from debt management. doorstep lending, depression, legal advice, etc.

Every day throughout the year.

Contact Details

Jim Chapman

Community Project Delivery Manager


01461 204108

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