At Albion Rovers FC we are committed to supporting our wider community far beyond the 90 minutes on match day. We believe football can be used as a force for good that has numerous social benefits – including reinforcing collective identities, improving self-esteem, inspiring young and old, promoting wellbeing and healthy living and contributing to social inclusion. Football is a powerful tool for engagement and we at Albion Rovers FC believe we have a duty to give something back to our community and deliver real social change


Projects are decided on a needs basis and after consultation with our wider community. Albion Rovers Community Trust is predominantly run by volunteers.  We have 2 Community Development officers who oversee projects, evaluate impact and seek funding opportunities.

Music Project

This is a programme for 10 nights over a ten-week period designed to raise attainment, build community and reduce sectarianism.  The basic project has music at its core and is aimed at upper primary aged pupils in 2 neighbouring Coatbridge schools.  The schools have a significant number of children residing in SIMD 1 and 2.  The children would work with musicians and music technicians to compose, produce and then perform a Club Anthem for Albion Rovers FC at half time at an important game during the 2019/20 season. 

Thursday Club

A group of retired Rovers fans gather each Thursday morning to tidy up after games and prepare for the next home fixtures.  Several of the group are retired tradesmen who still enjoy utilising their skills in a meaningful way.  There is a strong social side to the Thursday Club as the morning ends with a right good blether about football and life in general.  The members make a contribution and build friendships.

Memories Group

This group meets once a month for 90 minutes to talk about all matters football.  At ‘half-time’ they stop for a pie and Bovril.  This project is helping to combat social isolation and possible early onset of memory loss. The group is supported by SFA Museum and Alzheimer’s Scotland and is proving very successful and worthwhile members. 

The Buddies

One of our longest running projects is our Buddies.  The members are a group of vulnerable adults who live in nearby supported housing.   They meet once a week at Reigart Stadium and undertake a variety of activities and outings.

Football Camps

We continue to have qualified professional coaches run very successful and well attended football camps for children aged 5 to 12 during school holiday periods.  As well as football skills and training the children enjoy breakfast, advice about healthy lifestyle and  the opportunity to play on a senior football pitch.

Schools Input

We have a range of inputs we offer and deliver to local schools.  These are currently under review in response to feedback and recent   consultation.

Contact Details

Community Development Officers:

Michael Gallacher            07445 7171 73

Ryan Cooney                     07506 9093 22

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