08/06/22 - Hampden Park - Glasgow
SPFL Trust staff Head shotsPhoto credit should read: © Craig WatsonCraig Watson,craigwatsonpix@icloud.com

Iain Blair

A founding member of the SPFL Trust board, Iain has served as the SPFL (formally SPL) company secretary and operations director since 1998.

Iain has been a trustee since 2009, using his skill-set to help the SPFL Trust grow and engage with business at the highest level. In his nine-years on the board he has enjoyed the opportunity to see first-hand the potential for good that the SPFL Trust represents both at a local and national level.

A passion for the sport from an early age has kept Iain deeply invested in Scotland’s national game and he hopes to continue to support the SPFL Trust as a board member for years to come.

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