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Projects Youth Engagement League (YEL)

Bringing football and education together to create positive social change in your local community

In partnership with your local football club, we are excited to deliver a new project in your area; Youth Engagement League (YEL).

The Youth Engagement League (YEL) project is a football competition played not only on the field but with the communities where the participants live. Young people aged between 9 – 14 learn what it means to work as a team both ON and OFF the pitch to make their own neighbourhoods safer and more respectful places to be.

The Youth Engagement League Programme aims to:
• Promote social integration and cohesion within the targeted neighbourhoods
• Improve activity levels of young people and prevent obesity and other health related diseases
• Improve the mental health and well-being of young people and other residents
• Improve the behaviour of young people and prevent youth crime
• Improve educational attainment and attendance and reduce the number of young people not in education, training or employment.

The programme has been designed to teach young people and their peer groups social values that can last a lifetime. It attempts to ensure they have an increased sense of pride in their own neighbourhood and access to opportunities that improve their physical health and well-being.

For the purposes of this project, each Club will have two teams; 9-12 (mixed sex group) & 12-14 (single sex group). In total, there will be 8 teams/4 SPFL Clubs delivering the programme over a 10 week period.

During this period, the young people will;

• Design, plan and deliver 1 social action project of their choosing that will help address local issues important to the young people taking part. 3 sessions to conduct the planning and 1 for delivery.

• Participate in 6 football matches in a league set up with 4 SPFL Clubs. YEL matches will be played on home and away ground against opposing teams.

• Receive 3 educational workshops designed to teach young people about bullying and cyber bullying, health and wellbeing, social responsibility.

• Several football training sessions played at Club venue.

The project is free to the pupils to encourage each young person to feel part of their YEL team and Club.

In addition, the SPFL Trust will present each pupil with a medal during the presentation event on Sunday 2nd April 2016 at Hampden Park. The winner of the league will be the team with the most social and football points combined.

We believe this is a positive way for the young people to learn more about the importance of social values and take part in a fun football session simultaneously.

The project will begin on 22nd January 2017 at Celtic FC FC, Clyde FC, Livingston FC and Motherwell FC. The young people are invited to enrol in the programme and receive a tour of stadium.

Should you wish to hear further information about the programme, please do not hesitate to contact the SPFL Trust.

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