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At Forfar Athletic FC we are committed to supporting our wider community far beyond the 90 minutes on match day. We believe football can be used as a force for good that has numerous social benefits – including reinforcing collective identities, improving self-esteem, inspiring young and old, promoting wellbeing and healthy living and contributing to social inclusion. Football is a powerful tool for engagement and we at Forfar Athletic FC believe we have a duty to give something back to our community and deliver real social change.


We are working hard to establish projects in our local community, please keep an eye on this page for the latest news and updates.

A Football Coaching course has been organised for local Primary School children split into two age groups (1) Primary 1 to 4 and (2) Primary 5 to 7. This has been delivered in one hour blocks over a 6 month time frame on Station Park and has been highly successful not only in providing direct coaching to the children but also in engaging with the community at large via the parents and grandparents. The children at the end of the course receive a Completion Certificate. It is intended to repeat these courses from the Spring of 2016.

Planning is also well advanced for delivery of a programme of Football Fans in Training commencing later in 2015. Initially this will be for a male group of say 12 and in time and subject to demand will be extended into a similar course for ladies. This programme will involve time in the Station Park Hospitality Suites as well as on the 3G Pitch. Fuller details will be made available soon.

If information is required on any of the foregoing then please contact communitycoaching@forfarathletic.co.uk or garry.balfour@tesco.net

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